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Updates and Plans


Just thought I'd fill you all in on some things that are happening. I have some traveling and vacation time coming up, so I will be posting short posts until I'm back home and back to my routine. I have some fun series posts planned!

Today is just a quick writing update.

1. Transferring all my outlines and draft parts to Dabble writer. I'm not sponsored to say this (though dabble, hit me up), but its a novel writing program that I actually like! It's simple and streamlined, and cheap. I'll talk more about my history with writing software another time, but those of you who know me, you'll know how shocking of a revelation this is.

2. Getting some short stories ready for submission. I'm submitting to The Master's Review (deadline is May 31st) and I can submit up to 2. I have one done and ready to submit, but the second one I'm working on will probably be over the word limit. Boo. But we'll see, it's not done and I don't nave a final word count for it yet, I just have a feeling it will be too long. Oh well, if it is, I'll just find somewhere else to submit :)

3. I'm working on another project with my BFF! There is a link in the Menu for our project "Long Story Short" where we blog about our writing lives. We have a few posts there now, so check it out! There may or may not be a podcast in the works too ;)

4. Lastly, not at all writing related, but Tazo has a dessert line of flavored teas and they are DELICIOUS! Sometimes it's all I can think about during the day. No joke. Again, not a sponsored post (though Tazo, hit me up), just thought I'd share.

Okay, the next few posts will similar to this, just quick updates, but I'll start some themed series posts starting middle of June probably.

Until next time,

B. Strong


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