Quarantine Content: Where I Work

Hello readers. I hope everyone is doing well, and staying healthy (both mentally and physically) during the current pandemic.

I have a list of blog topic prompts, and I figured I'd turn them into a 'Quarantine Content' series here on the blog. Linking my writing life, with the chaotic pandemic time we're in, and my now work-at-home life. This is the first one in that series.

Where I am, we are in a Shelter In Place order. All non-essential businesses are closed. Restaurants are take-out or delivery only. And we are advised to stay in our homes unless we have an essential trip to make (bank, store, doctor, work).

As far as my day job goes - the libraries are closed to the public but we are still providing digital resources, and those of us in admin roles are still working almost as much as usual, just not in our offices.

Thankfully for me, I have an office at home that I write in and now also do my library work in.

This is the corner where I spend most of my time (and so does my cat...). I write here, and as you can tell from the cluttered desk, where I do my library work now. I really love this space. I love the corner glass desk because it doesn't feel bulky or heavy, and I love that it has a shelf underneath for my workout gear (weights & yoga mat), and my writing books.

First off, yes that is a pillow with Jeff Goldblum's face on it. It's necessary for my creative process.

But this corner is really just about displaying things that are important and have meaning. The center square (most) of the things I own that have my name on it and in the squares around it (for the most part) each represent a piece of me. Upper left is dinosaur/Jurassic Park stuff, middle top is a typewriter and some figurines from shows or literature that inspire me, upper right is faith based stuff (tarot cards, rosary etc.) Middle left has all my art stuff in it (I don't have a ton), middle right has a bunch of snail related things in it (my Spirit Animal - and no I'm not using that term frivolously...snails really are my Spirit Animal). The bottom row is the only row that doesn't have a lot of emotional significance. Bottom left are all my Hunt A Killer boxes (if you like subscription boxes, and true crime, I suggest it. Not a sponsor). Bottom middle is a metal piece of art my SO made, and bottom right just has extra printer paper, mailing supplies, etc. I have to keep the bottom row kinda plain

The lamp has some plants, knick knacks, and my previous kitty's ashes (RIP Ponderosa). That picture is my undergrad graduation picture. You should all know the significance of the ampersand lamp. And on top of the shelving unit are 2 stuffed animals: one is my childhood teddy bear, the other just has sentimental value. Also my fancy Scrabble board :) That floral art scroll is actually my SO's. It was his grandmother's and he got it when she passed away. But - it fits in so nicely in my office. My favorite color is floral print.

And of course, every librarian and writer has bookshelves. I'm not much of a book hoarder (at least I really try not to be) so most of those shelves are just organized by theme and I have little knick knacks that correspond to that theme. Alice in Wonderland stuff with all of my Alice in Wonderland related books. Spooky things next to all my spooky books etc. It's not 100% that way - but pretty close. Also check out that giant Snow White birthday card my friends made me!

Anyway - this is where I'm spending most of my time now...but it's not too shabby.

Feel free to share with me your Work From Home or Writing spaces. I'd love some inspiration :)

Until next time,

B. Strong &;

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