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Monster Mondays!

It's that time of year again! I've done Freaky Flash Fiction Fridays, Spooky Story Saturday (and Sunday?) and this year I'm doing Monster Monday!

You also get a double feature this week because I forgot to publish one on the 4th.


So here you go! Also - you know the rules: First draft, no edits. If I used a prompt I'll share it.

You Dropped This

"Goodnight Sweetie." Suzie's mom kissed her on the forehead and tucked her into bed, placing her stuffed bear next to her.

"Can you leave the light on?" Suzie asked.

"But you've been sleeping so good without it, why do you need it now?"

Suzie motioned for her mom to come closer. She bent down, Suzie cupped her mouth and whispered into her ear. "There's a monster under my bed."

Her mom nodded.

"Well, good thing you have Bluey Bear with you. He will protect you."

Suzie nodded. "Okay." She said.

"But, I'll leave your door open a crack so the hallway light comes in a little. Will that be okay?"

Suzie nodded again. Her mom kissed her again, and left. Suzie pulled her blankets up to her chin, but in doing so, Bluey Bear fell to the ground. Suzie lay there, not wanting to reach down to grab it, scared of what might be down there. She rolled over, facing away from the door.

Then, she felt something tap her should. Slowly, she rolled back again. A dark figure stood next to her bed, red eyes shining at her. It's arm was outstretched, holding Bluey Bear.

"You dropped this." It said.


The Sleepover

"Honey, we knew this day would come. It's the joy of having kids." John said. "Don't you remember your first sleepover?"

"Yes," Samantha said. "And I guess I was around her age. But I had my first sleepover at my house - I didn't go into another person's house for a while longer."

"Well, our daughter is just extra brave then." Samantha smiled. "Plus, " John continued. "The parents are having us all over for dinner. That's a good sign, right?"

"Yeah, you're right." Samantha said.

Lizzie had never had a sleepover before, nor had she spent the night at anyone else's house that wasn't a family member. But, now that she was 9, she was excited for this milestone.

Lizzie didn't have many friends, she had just transferred to the school last year, and hadn't found her way into any of the cliques yet. But, recently she had found a friend in Mina. She was new to the school - and sort of an outcast like Lizzie. Mina was a little weird; very pale, wore lot of black, and didn't talk or smile much. But she had a cool accent, and always liked to play on the swings with Lizzie. They talked about a lot of things together. Boys (of which neither of them were interested), their parents, books, and even movies (Mina really liked spooky movies, Lizzie not so much). So when Mina asked Lizzie over, she was excited.

"They have dinner awfully late, don't you think?" Samantha asked, sitting in the passenger seat as they pulled into the driveway.

"Well, Lizzie said Mina had an accent - maybe they're European?"

They entered the home, had some small-talk, and then sat at the table for dinner.

"I'm so glad you guys agreed to come - D loves having people for dinner." Mina's mother said, pouring some glasses of dark red wine for herself and her guests.

"You said your name is 'Marya', and your daughter's name is Mina. They're so original and lovely." Samantha said.

"Thank you, they are family names - very close to our culture."

"And D? Is that short for something?"

"Oh yes -" D said. "But I promise D is much better. Easier." He laughed, as he placed a giant slab of meat on everyone's plate.

"This looks great!" John said, excited to dig in.

They cut into their food - Lizzie swallowed hard as a red liquid seemed to pour out of her steak.

"Oh I should have asked." D said. "I like my meat pretty raw, I hope it's okay."

"I'm a fan." John said. "What do I always say, Sam?"

"You always say that you like your steak 'practically still mooing'." Samantha said, rolling her eyes. The husbands laughed.

"You and I will get along." D said.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" Lizzie asked.

"Of course." Marya said. "Just down the hall."

Lizzie got up from her seat, and walked down the hall, in search of the bathroom. At the end of the hall, she saw a door, slightly ajar. She looked around to make sure nobody else was looking. Once the coast was clear, she peered through the door. It was a set of stairs. Being curious, she tip-toed down the steps, until she reached what seemed to be a cold concrete basement. She heard something move.

"Hello?" a raspy voice called out.

Lizzie saw a young girl, skinny and dirty, chained against the wall. She recognized her - she had been in her class at the start of the year, but left only about a month later. Just a little after, Lizzie started to realize, Mina and her family moved in.

"Help me. Please. I've been here for months. My parents are gone. I think they're dead. Please help me."

Lizzie just stared at her.

"Please? You were in my class, right?" The girl kept talking, coughing between words. "I think they're vampires or cannibals or something. Please. Help me. We were friends, remember?"

Lizzie thought back. This girl had never sat next to her at lunch, or talked to her about books, or played with her on the swings. She didn't even remember her name. Lizzie backed away.

"Please! Don't go. You have to help me!" The girl couldn't yell - her voice was nothing more than a raspy whisper.

Lizzie walked back up the stairs, and silently closed the door. She washed her hands in the bathroom, and headed back to the table.

"Everything okay?" Lizzie's mom asked.

"Yep." Lizzie said, taking a bite of her dinner. She leaned over to Mina, who was almost done with her plate.

"Do you want to be best friends?" She asked.

"I would like that." Mina said.


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