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May Summary

I’m not going to post a writing update for this month. May wasn’t a good writing month for me. Work was a lot, and with Mothers Day being in May, I was having a lot of mental health issues. Plus, since I’m so close to finishing, I got really overwhelmed with the idea of how much work is still ahead (editing, cutting, adding, foreshadow, character development, subplots etc.) that I just decided to take a break from my novel. I also fell out a lot of other habits (drinking water, working out, - May was hard)

I did however start another project - a mix of poetry and creative short essay, it helped me to work through some of the stuff I was dealing with mentally last month. But I think I’m ready to tackle my novel again this month, and when I finally get to the editing phase I’ll have this backup poetry/essay project to work on also. I try not to have too many projects happening at once because I do really want to finish something, but I know that I’ll want something creative to fall back on once my novel is complete.

I did however read this month!

I’m not embarrassed to say that I liked this book. Very much like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - spooky but not scary (At least for a person in their 30s like me).

Not really worth the read. Not much deeper than a buzzfeed listacle. The only thing that made this book worthwhile was the fact that I read it on the beach.

This was the bookclub pick for this month. Although a middle grade book, it was dark and magical and I love when authors realize that kids can handle this kinda stuff. If you like fairy tales and want something that isn’t just a retelling of something white and European, this is for you.

I didn’t play any new video games, the only one I really played was the new Pokémon Snap. It was kinda perfect for a hard month like May was - no boss battles, no fighting, just riding around cool worlds and taking pictures of Pokémon.

I did watch a horror movie this month! It’s been a long time

Okay, so I watched a campy horror movie, but it still counts! Vince Vaughn does a great job playing both a serial killer and a teenage girl, the violence was Mortal Kombat (I watched that movie too this month - I loved it. Don’t judge me) level, and the camp was turned up to an 11. Definitely deserves a spot alongside other teen slasher films.

The other thing worth mentioning in this post is that I am fully vaccinated as is my SO so we took our first official “vacation”. We spent a couple of nights at the beach.

This was the last place we went to before the pandemic, so it was nice that it was the first place we went to once we were vaccinated. It was a lovely time away.

Also we discovered this building. And I’ve consumed enough folk/occult horror to know that I should stay away.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Until next time,

B.Strong &;

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