January Summary

Well, we've reached the end of the first month of 2021! Here is my January summary! I plan on doing 2 blog posts a month - the second one being a monthly summary.

Words written this month:

4,450 I know it's not a lot. I spent a lot of time this month trying to figure out my own schedule and habits. I think that carving 15 minutes to write either during my lunch break and/or during an afternoon break at work might be my best shot. Most of those 4k words were written that way. I have found in the last year that writing in tiny chunks every day is better for me than trying to carve out an hour or two.

Books read this month (follow me on Goodreads for full reviews):

3/5 stars. A solid YA thriller. Not too graphic, full of teenage angst. A little too much fat shaming though.

2/5 stars. Not my cup of tea. Usually I love Occult Horror but this one was really hard for me to get through.

5/5 stars. I think anyone who considers themselves to be progressive, or a follower of Jesus should read this book.

Movie(s) I watched:

I know this movie just came out in 2019 so I'm late to the game, but I. Loved. This. Movie.

I'm generally a fan of the horror/comedy genre, and this did not disappoint. I liked the pacing, I liked the running jokes, I liked the callbacks to other horror movies, I liked the odd pacing, and the humor, and I liked how meta it was....and also the cast was really great!?

I know it had some mixed reviews, but I was expecting something a little campy and that's what I got. 10/10 would recommend.

Other highlights:

The last day of the month also marked my 33rd birthday! So here is a picture of me in front of my bookshelves with the amazing milk bar cake my SO got me.

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