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Freaky Flash Fiction: "One New Message"

We're 10 days away from Halloween! I hope you have your costumes picked out. I do! :)

Anyway, here is this weeks prompt and freaky flash fiction story.


Prompt: A girl is texted pictures of herself in various stages of torture with no memory of it.

Note: This story does not go into any graphic or violent details.

One New Message

Brittany slept through her alarm. She woke up to her mom yelling up to her.

"If you're not in my car in 10 minutes you'll have to take the bus!" Brittany grabbed her phone to see why it didn't wake her. The screen was black.

"Shit." She said. "My phone didn't charge." She struggled to get out of bed. Her entire body was sore. Maybe she just went too hard during volleyball practice.

She grabbed her school uniform and hobbled to the bathroom. She did a quick stretch and started to brush her teeth. She stared at the dark circles underneath her eyes. The longer she stood, the heavier her eyelids got, and the more painful it was to stand. School was going to be rough today.

She took off her PJs and froze staring wide eyed at her own legs. They were covered in bruises of various sizes and shapes. She opted for slacks instead of a skirt, tossed her makeup bag in her backpack and made it to her moms car before she was able to drive away.

"You look exhausted." Brittany's mom said. "Are you getting sick?"

"I don't think so." Brittany said. "I just didn't sleep well."

"Well, call me at lunch if you're not feeling well. I can come get you on my lunch break."

"My phone is dead. I forgot to charge it I guess."

"Take the powerblock out of my purse." Brittany took it and tossed it in her backpack. Once she got to homeroom she plugged her phone into it and let it charge.

During second period, she heard a buzz. Someone had sent a text. It was probably her mother checking on her. She snuck a glance when the teacher wasn't looking.

It was from an unknown number.

Feeling tired from last night? It asked

Who is this? Brittany asked.

Check your photos.

Brittany opened the photo gallery on her phone. Her stomach leapt into her throat.

The photo was of a girl tied up in what looked to be a dirty basement. The girls face was facing away, but Brittany knew this girl.

It was her.

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