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Flash Fiction Friday

I know I owe an update. But that will come in November. For now, enjoy the October Flash Fiction tradition!

Mondays are a Drag

My shoes squeak in the hallway. I must have stepped in something sticky. It doesn’t allow for stealth.

Late to class again. Another normal Monday for me.

Thankfully nobody notices. People are too busy whispering to one another.

“What’s going on?” I ask Jaime who was sitting in the desk next to mine typing frantically on his phone.

“Didn’t you hear? Tiffany McDonald went missing. Nobody has seen her since Friday.”

I thought back - had I seen her?

My heart thumped. I had seen her - getting into a silver Toyota Camry in the faculty lot.

Our home room teacher, Mr. Neely came rushed into the room. He looked tired. Did he look tired everyday? I noticed it today but maybe he was always tired.

"Okay let's all settle down." He said. A beep went over the intercom. The morning announcements were about to start.

The announcements were more or less the same as they always were. Club announcements, lunch menu, local weather - there was one difference though - there was going to be counselors in the library for students to talk to during lunch. Tiffany McDonald was well liked but I don't think she was too popular. Maybe kids will go to try to get out of class. That's a bummer.

After announcements Mr. Neely called role.

"I need someone to take this sheet to the office." He said.

I volunteered. I was the only one to volunteer.

I was always the only one to volunteer.

I went up to grab the role sheet and noticed that when Mr. Neely tossed his jacket on his chair that his keys had fallen onto the floor.

They were Toyota keys.

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