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Finally an update!

Woah it’s been a long time!

I’m not gonna do much of an update - okay I will share some updates but most of this post will be goals.

First: Updates

Writing: I’m over 70k words into my novel. I’ve finished Act 2b! So that’s exciting! Gonna keep chugging along.

Reading: I didn‘t hit my reading goal in 2021. Boo.

Physical: aside from when covid rates were really high - I am still going to a boxing gym and having a fun time! I also started running to the Zombies Run! App. So yay!

Mental: 2021 and so far in 2022 my mental health has been up and down. But I’m still here so that’s good.

Work: No new updates here. Still working. Still kinda burnt out. Working in an information field during a time where people don’t trust information - is really really hard.

Faith: Going strong! I’m on my church council, and I’ve really dug in deep to my catholic folk/saint magic roots. Woo!

Next: Goals

Writing: Gonna finish my novel this year for sure. And start the editing process. Im also working on a fun blackout poetry project because art. So my goal is to just finish those things. Also writing more poetry!

Reading: My reading quantity goal is the same as last year. But I want to focus on reading more horror and reading books that are similar to the one I’m writing.

Physical: Just keep doing what I’m doing. I don’t want to set weight loss goals or anything. Just want to get stronger and build endurance.

Mental: I’m journaling more. Thinking about going to therapy again.

Work: Keep surviving. There’s going to be an opening for a position that would be a different kind of stress (and way less public facing) than my current role so I might apply for that. We‘ll see.

Faith: I’m digging deeper into scripture this year.

Other: I have found that having multiple instagram accounts (one for personal, one for faith, and one for writing) is just overwhelming. I like having it all in one place. I am a multi-faceted person afterall. But I’ve found my instagram has become pretty faith forward. I want to add more writing content there - so I’m trying to figure that out.

Anyway. That’s it for now. I’ll be posting more regularly!

in the meantime - I write regular blog posts for work. You can find them here:

And I am super active on instagram. Follow me. My username is @bgstrong

Until next time,

B Strong &;

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