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February Summary

I wanted to get this up yesterday buuuuut sometimes things in life are outside of our control, so you'll get 3 posts this month :)

Words written this month:

8,420. 15 minute writing sprints have been the best thing for my writing! I finished Act 2! I'm more if a 4 act person than a 3 act person when it comes to thinking of my WIP in chunks, although they aren't equal parts. Acts 2 and 3 are the bigger chunks for sure so I finished one big chunk and am currently outlining and slowly writing the next big chunk. My WIP word total right now is 56,260.

Books read this month (follow me on Goodreads for full reviews):

This was a slow reading month for me - but I think I'll move some of the shorter books on my TBR list up to the front so I can have more reading success in March.

5/5 Stars. Southern Gothic Horror is already my favorite genre of horror (well, maybe it's tied with occult horror), but reading this book was like discovering the genre all over again, and in a way I sort of was, since this was a fresh new perspective (for me). If you want to read more about my experience, read my previous post :)

4/5 Stars. As someone who doesn't read a lot of science fiction, this was a great introduction to the genre. It was a great balance between science and fiction. It was also dramatic and funny. Plus, the movie was pretty good too!

Video Games:

One of my resolutions is to play more video games. I haven't finished any yet, but I am playing 2 of them currently:

I know. Don't laugh. I know it's an old game. But I've read the 3 novels, own the first short story collection (I'm going to start reading it soon) watched countless let's plays, so - to avoid being a "fake fan" I'm playing it. I am currently on night 5 and can pretty regularly get to 5am...I'll get you Freddy...

(PS I'll be doing a whole post about this be prepared for that)

Again, I know it's an old game. I haven't finished it yet, so I'm not going to write too much about it now, but I've always wanted to play it, and since the second one recently came out...I figured I'd start playing the first one. Anyway - review when I've finished it.

Other Highlights:

It's Lent! Yes, that's a highlight for me, as Lent is one of my favorite religious times. I eat fish on Fridays, I fast (from both food and this year, screen time), I take time for spiritual introspection, and my SO just gave me a new gift - a singing bowl! Excited to add that to my spiritual practice. Follow me on instagram if you'd like to see more about my spiritual stuff. @bgstrong

Until next time!

B Strong &;

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