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End of Summer Update

Sorry I’ve been MIA. 2021 has proven to be harder on my mental health than 2020 was (I know - I can barely believe it myself).

I don’t have much of an update. I haven’t really written in 2 months - but I have started reading what I have drafted so far and doing some outlining so I’m hoping to be able to start writing again soon. 15 minute sprints during my lunch breaks were my best writing time so I’m going to try my best to get back into that habit. I’m also entering a piece into a writing contest so wish me luck! Also, I write for my works blog twice a month so be sure to check that out!

I have read some great books in the last couple of months - but I want to talk about two of them specifically so I’m going to actually save that for another post. In the meantime - you can always read reviews on my goodreads page to catch up on the other books I’ve read over the summer.

There are some things that are helping me to be a little more positive and productive:

Fall is coming. I’m generally not a “fall person“. I’m not a huge pumpkin spice person, I am an iced coffee all year long kinda person. I also despise being cold, and I find the dark rainy days just make me sleepy. BUT fall is when Halloween and NaNoWriMo happens - and I love both of those. Plus, my favorite season, summer, has been ruined by constant forest fire smoke. Plus plus, being the only summer person in my friend group is kinda lonely, so the summertime sadness is real. Gonna try to embrace fall some more this year. (Not ready to take the leap and try to like winter yet).

Also…I started boxing. I mean, not like professionally. But I did start going to a boxing gym, and I even spar in the ring on occasion! Not only is it a great workout and obviously a great way to get out some anger, but it makes me feel powerful and strong. It reminds me that my body, ostomy and all, is not a prison - my body is still capable. The only bummer is that I am taking a break because where I live COVID numbers are HIGH. I am vaccinated - but I still don’t want to get sick - and wearing a mask while boxing is tough - so I’m taking a break to see if numbers go down. But I’m excited to go back. In the meantime I’m doing a lot of the same types of exercises and shadow boxing at home.

Anyway. That’s my update - hoping to get back to blogging here regularly. I also haven‘t worked on my goosebumps haiku in a long time. Have 3 to go until I finish the original series so I’m gonna finish that up this month.

Sorry I’ve been gone. But I am better now and am back!

Until next time,

B Strong &;

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