Almost to the finish line

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo and while there is about 5 hours left I am going to write my wrap-up now.

I had a few mini goals this year. The initial goal was to complete the rewrite of my first 3 chapters. I did that in the first weekend. Yay!

My next mini goal was to get through the possession scene ('s a horror novel) as it is an extremely pivotal scene...and I did that too!

Lastly, I wanted to finish Act 1. This I did not do. Between a 7 day vacation in the middle of the month (and doing extra work at my day job before and after that to make up for my time off) and then an (obviously) unexpected sick day that resulted in an emergency room visit...I lost a lot of ground. But that's okay.

You know what I did do? I wrote in several coffee shops I have never written in before, I wrote on a train, I wrote in 4 (maybe 5?) different cities, and got to bond with my boss in a different way as we chatted writing methods rather than just library administration.

I also got some really neat ideas for my WIP as well as knowing what the very last line will be :)

If you participated in NaNoWriMo how did you do? Did you win? Did you accomplish whatever other goals you wanted to? Let me know.

As far as the Blog goes...December will be another one off post and then January we'll get back to structured posts.

Until next time,

B Strong &;

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