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A Heavy Weight... probably too intense of a title for this blog post, but here we go.

I've been making some progress to get ready for Camp NaNoWriMo in July. One of them is figuring out the things that have kept me from being able to write.

Anxiety and Guilt.

I have guilt over the silliest of things sometimes (thanks anxiety) most of which is unfinished projects. When I was cleaning my office, I found my scrapbook (yes, I scrapbook...I'm like an old lady, give me a break) and realized that I am 2.5 years behind. Usually, at the beginning of the year, I start on the previous year. But looking through it, I realized that I hadn't done 2016 yet. I all of a sudden felt like this heavy weight, like shame and guilt and failure all wrapped up into one thing, and planted on my shoulders. So many unfinished things! The scrapbook, the whiteboard calendar that still has May on it...not to mention household chores and outlining that I want to get done before Camp Nano.

I've cleaned the house, I'm not too terribly behind in laundry, my office is half-cleaned, and I'm making progress in my scrapbook. I still need to change the calendar.

I feel the weight lifting off my shoulders and like I may be ready for camp nanowrimo! I still have some outlining to do (saving that for last), so I may not start on time, but I'm making progress.

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