What's With This?

You'll see these two punctuation marks all over this website, my blog, and on my social media page. What's the deal?

Well, let me explain them individually.

The ampersand is a beautiful piece of punctuation. It, in and of itself is more than one thing (punctuation as well as a pictograph verbalization) and alone, it reminds me that I can be more than one thing: a writer, a librarian, a friend, a lover etc. It reminds me to always be more.

The semicolon by itself is not only a strong symbol for the suicide prevention community (often times a tattoo of a semi-colon means that someone survived a suicide attempt).

It also represents surviving mental health issues, addictions, anxiety and more. Many of which I can relate to.

It also just tells us to take a breath, pause, and continue forward.

Together &; means 

"Be More, Breathe, and Move Forward"

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